As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

In 2009, I participated in a class called “Understanding La illaha illaAllaah” given on Paltalk By our Brother Abu Yusuf Khaleefah.

There was a Q and A session that proceeded after the class and in one session he gave some points that are very helpful for us to be aware of in seeking knowledge in sha ‘allaah……


When asked what (besides arrogance) could prevent someone from going to the people of knowledge , our brother gave some examples and points of what could cause this…..

*Not knowing who the people of knowledge are

“A person may direct his or her affairs to those who are not suitable to handle, bring about or give
solutions to these affairs. Instead of the person going to the scholars of Islam (of the Sunnah), this person goes to the people of innovation or the people of ignorance.”

*An issue of self admiration (which is in connection to arrogance)

“The Prophet SalAllaahu alayhe wa sallam described arrogance as rejecting the truth and looking down upon the people. This self admiration is that the person becomes amazed with themselves of the knowledge that they’ve acquired, so they feel that they don’t need the ulemaa, like they don’t need the scholars. This is where a lot of individuals have gone wrong and deviated after being upon the sunnah….being amazed of the level that he or she has attained of knowledge. Their thoughts of the ulemaa is ‘they are men and we are men, they can have their opinions and we can have our opinions’, where as before the individual was once telling the people to respect the scholars and go to the scholars. But after Allaah Subhana wa at ala allowed them to acquire the knowledge that he or she has acquired, they become self amazed and this is a test. In reality, the more one learns, the more one should humble themselves. Being in this situation leads to destruction. This is not benefiting the individual so one should be mindful of these matters.


“The person may be too shy to go to the scholars and as one of the Salaf mentioned that being shy when it comes to seeking knowledge is not shyness but in reality it is stupidity. And being shy when it comes to defending ones family and standing up for what’s right is not shyness but in reality it is cowardice.

*Having hatred and jealousy for the ulemaa

“ As a result of jealousy and hatred, it prevents one from going to the ulemaa as they feel that they should be the ones who have that knowledge and that they should be the ones in that position and the likes. And because of that they don’t go to them. This is where the person’s downfall is, believing himself or herself to be independent from the people of knowledge. The people of knowledge depend on the people of knowledge! You find the scholars going back to the works of other scholars and scholars calling other scholars for affairs. So who are we not to refer our affairs back to the ulemaa?”….

In sha ‘allaah these points are helpful and beneficial for you as they are for me and for us to keep in mind when seeking knowledge. May Allaah reward us for our efforts in pleasing Him, Ameen.

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