أنيسة بنت بنجامين
New Jersey

Bio: Gaining as much beneficial knowledge as I can in this dunya about this beautiful deen of Islam. Not just being careful from whom I take knowledge from, but careful of implementing knowledge that comes to me without proofs, so if you have some naseehah, apply proofs InshaAllaah, other than that....I'm a good listener. I crochet and I try to stay in the home as much as possible. Our blessings are in the home sisters (smiles), I have to remind myself of this as well. May Allaah reward us all in our efforts to please Him, Aameen. I do not watch TV/Movies or listen to music but don't mind sharing my views on them. "It is not allowed to take pictures of beings that have souls, a rule the compasses cameras and other instruments, with the exception of pictures that are necessary, such as a passport or identity photo." - from fatawa islamiyah...and as far as music, from the same trusted source; "It is not allowed to listen to singing and playing musical instruments, since it diverts the listener from the remembrance of Allaah and from prayer, and because hearing it sickens and hardens the heart. Both the Clear Book of Allaah and the Trustworthy Sunnah His Messenger (SalAllaahu alaihe wa sallam) prove its prohibition. Allaah Almighty says in Surah Luqman ayah 6: "And of Mankind is he who purchases (Lawd Al-Hadith) idle talk to mislead from the Path of Allaah without knowledge." The majority of scholars of Tafsir as well as others have explained that Lawd Al- Hadith refers to singing and musical instruments. In his Sahih, Al- Bukhari recorded that the Prophet (SalAllaahu alaihe wa sallam) said: "There will be from my Nation a people who will deem fornication, silk (for men), alcohol, and music to be permissible". [Al-Bukhari no. 5590] We ask Allaah to guide and facilitate all of the Muslims to what is right and to protect us from the causes which anger Him." Aameen. -Proof taken from Fatawa Islamiyah- Ibn Baz [My Words].."Some may still argue the fact of "naats" or "nasheeds" to be acceptable, or why can't they be if they speak of nothing but good of the religion, which sounds good but we have to worship Allaah as He has legislated for us to, not to add on or take away even if the adding on appears to be an elevation of worship which is actually an innovation and for every innovation is a going astray and the end result of going astray leads to the hellfire, so just because something sounds good to do regarding the deen doesn't mean that it is good without proving it to be a way that Allaah has legislated for us to worship Him, with AUTHENTIC proofs (Quran and Sunnah) and all of that being borderline and finding loopholes(you think you found) only leaves doubt in your heart and doubt comes from the shaitan who is the greatest enemy to mankind and he sits and waits at every point of our lives for the opportunity to lead us astray. HE IS YOUR ENEMY! Don't help your enemy defeat you by following him! So please be careful of what you do here in this life while passing through to our final abode because in the end all the songs you know, sport stats, movie titles and producers and nonsense; any of these worldly waste of times are not going to save you from the fire because at that time, you are only left with your deeds. So be VERY careful what you do here InshaAllaah.None of us are an exception to falling into these things, May Allaah protect us from falling into these things or anything that displeases Him And May Allaah place and/or keep us on a path that will lead us to Jennah, Aameen." Allaah, The Exalted, states: "And I (Allaah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)." (Noble Quran 51:56) All of that being said, I plan on worshipping Allaah Alone and learning this Deen for the rest of my time passing through this dunya and my advice to you is to help and strive with me InshaAllaah. May Allaah reward us in our efforts to please Him, Aameen.

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